Ministries are a great way to connect with others, serve with others and grow with others in your journey with Christ. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

The Administrative Council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It shall, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church. The church council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference.

Administrative Council includes:

  • Chairperson of the church council
  • Lay Leader
  • Chairperson and/or a representative of the pastor-parish relations committee
  • Chairperson and/or a representative of the committee of finance
  • Chairperson and/or a representative of the board of trustees
  • Church treasurer
  • Lay Leader to annual conference
  • President and/or representative of the United Methodist Men
  • President and/or representative of the United Methodist Women
  • Young adult representative
  • Representative of the United Methodist Youth
  • Pastors

This ministry should focus on bridging the abilities of the gifts and abilities of the pastor, staff, and laity within Roberts, SPPR should always focus on promoting unity. Working effectively in this ministry will involve understanding change and being effective change agents, being committed to resolving conflict in a HOLY manner, establishing clear guidelines for behavior and communications, and being committee to the work of the ministry.

The committee shall meet in closed session and information shared in the committee shall be confidential. This ministry consiste of 5-9 individuals. The committee must meet at least quarterly. Annually this committee should provide evaluation for the Pastor and Staff in an effort to support ongoing and effective ministries and identify continuing educational needs or plans. This ministry is responsible for developing and approving written job descriptions for and titles for staff members in cooperation with the Pastor. The SPPR also recommends to the church council, after consultation with the Pastor, the professional and other staff positions (whether employee or contact) needed to carry out the work of the church or charge.

One source suggests that this ministry functions as the church gardener. This ministry seeks to nourish the soil so that the church may bear sustainable fruit. Members of this team should seek prayerfully to see within the individual the manifestation of gifts or the potential thereof. This ministry should take time to speak with individuals about leadership and participation within the church. This ministry should endeavor to evaluate the successes of leadership and opportunities to support leadership efforts and the resources required for such support.

The Lay Leader works with the Pastor to full fill the mission and vision of the congregation. The Lay Leader is a voting member of the charge conference, the church council, the pastor-parish or staff-parish relations committee, the finance committee, and the nominations and leadership development committee. The Lay Leader works with the Pastor and other leaders to launch or strengthen ministries that build discipleship.

The Worship ministry should assist in coordinating support ministries for worship planned by others.The Worship ministry also should provide and visioning on worship from the perspective of developing the congregation as as active and vital worship community. This ministry should draw on the rich traditions and beliefs of the United Methodist Church, while being true to the cultural identity of our community. This ministry should endeavor to understand or at least be familiar with every organizations function within worship, varieties of worship and be committed to worshiping God in spirit and truth. We lead by example!

Ministries that connect with worship may include the Communion Stewarts, Ushers, Acolytes, Greeters, Worship Leaders, Readers, and others who participate in worship.

Nurture Ministries should center on facilitating growth with Jesus Christ and the Christian Community. This ministry understands and operates with the perspective of understanding Christians need to be cultivated in the Christian faith if they are able to be effective disciples for Christ. Ministries such as Sunday School, Bible Study, Membership classes, various types of fellowship opportunities, and other ministries that allow us to demonstrate to our membership God's Love.

Outreach Ministries include Ministries of compassion that involve addressing the immediate needs of families, individuals, and communities. The Outreach Ministry looks at how they can be missional on the local and global network. Through UMC resources the Outreach ministry may participate in global mission. The Ministry will continually look to the community to evaluate the needs and assets how Roberts can effectively respond.

Witness Ministries emphasizes sharing our understanding of personal and collective salvation, worship, celebration, spiritual developments, discipline, and reconciliation within our church family and our communities. This ministry should provide opportunities to share our faith with someone else and to work for justice and redemption in this world.

This ministry combines many elements. Communication and Technology are essential for the sustenance of many ministries that Roberts engages in regularly. This ministry regularly evaluates, enhances, develops and supports the churches ability to successfully communicate with the congregation, the community, and the world. Some areas of primary concern for this ministry are the church website, the technology systems to include (internet and Wi-Fi, microphones etc.), written communications (bulletins, newsletters, invitation, etc.), social media, messaging services that assist in communicating to the congregation (Call Multiplier, Conference Call systems, and Video Conferencing, etc.). This ministry may also provide support to other ministries.

Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied. A part of this ministry's duties include an annual review of property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. They also review personnel insurance for protection against risk and consult with the Pastor-Parish Relations team about other personnel insurance. This ministry should also conduct an annual accessibility audit of buildings and grounds to discover and then work toward eliminating barriers that impede the full participation of all people.

There shall be a committee on finance, elected annually by the charge conference upon recommendation by the committee on nominations and leadership development or from the floor, composed of the chairperson, the Pastor(s); a lay member of the annual conference; the chairperson of the church council; the chairperson ore representative of the committee on Pastor-Parish relations; a representative of thee trustees to be selected by the trustees; the chairperson of the ministry group on stewardship; the lay leader; the financial secretary; the church business administrator; and other members to be added as the charge conference may determine. It is recommended that the chairperson of the committee on finance shall be a member of the church council. The positions of treasurer and financial secretary should not be combined and help by one person, and the persons holding these two positions should not be immediate family members.

The Finance Committee shall:

  • Give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year
  • In collaboration with the church council, find creative ways to turn their congregations into tithing congregations with an attitude of generosity
  • The committee on finance shall be charged with the responsibility for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council
  • Shall administer the funds received according to instructions from the church council
  • The committee shall carry out the church council's directions in guiding the treasurer(s) and financial secretary
  • Designate at least two persons, not of the immediate family residing in the same household, to count the offering
  • Establish written financial policies to document the internal controls of the local church. The written financial policies should be reviewed for adequacy and effectiveness annually by the committee on financial and submitted as a report to the charge conference annually
  • Make provision for an annual audit of the financial statements of the local church and all its organizations and accounts. The committee shall make a full and complete report to the annual charge conference. A local church audit is defined as an independent evaluation of the financial reports and records and the internal controls of the local church by a qualified person or persons.

Is a member of the Finance Committee and should supervise those designated by the Finance Committee to count money. The Financial Secretary should also receive and accounting of all such collections.

The church treasurer(s) shall disburse all money contributed to causes represented in the local church budget, and such other funds and contributions as the church council may determine. The treasurer(s) shall remit each month to the conference treasurer all World Service and conference benevolence funds then on hand. Contributions to benevolence shall be used for any cause other than that to which they have been given. The church treasurer shall make regular and detailed reports on funds received and expended to the committee on finance an the church council. The treasurer(s) shall be adequately bonded.

Our Greeters and our Ushers Ministry demonstrate the love of Christ each time the doors of the church are open. It is our goal to practice radical hospitality. Being engaged in this ministry is to stand ready to be a servent and meet the needs of all God's people during worship. Our Greeters and our Ushers Ministry facilitate familiarity with the physical building of the church, they are attentive to the needs of the congregation during service, and sensitive to individual as they develop.

The light is carried into worship as a symbol of Christs' coming into the presence of the worship community. The light is carried out again as a symbol of Christ going out into the world.

Our Acolytes assists the presiding Pastor in worship. Although at Roberts their primary task is to bring in the light, they may also participate by carrying the processional cross or assisting in other ways directed by the Pastor during worship.

Roberts holds in high esteem our Bazaar and Decorating Ministry. In addition to the beautification of our physical edifice, this ministry is a strong fundraising arm of the church.

We support the spiritual development of all our members. We encourage their corporate and independent study of God's Word as well as the recognition and development of their gifts. Certified Lay Servants have completed the mandated course of study and are committed in serving in the local church and or community in consultation with the pastor, Certified Lay Servant may participate in any of the following at Roberts:

  • Provide leadership, assistance, and support to the program emphases of the church or other United Methodist ministry
  • Lead meetings for prayer, training, study, and discussion when requested by the Pastor, District Superintendent, or committee on Lay Servant Ministries
  • Conduct, or assist in conducting, services of worship, preach the word, or give addresses when requested by the Pastor, District Superintendent, or committee on Lay Servant Ministries
  • Work with appropriate committees and teams which provide congregational and community leadership or foster caring ministries
  • The committee shall carry out the church council's directions in guiding the treasurer(s) and financial secretary
  • Assist in the distribution of the elements of Holy Communion upon request by a Pastor. Teach the Scriptures, doctrine, organization, and ministries of The United Methodist Church